Springfield Refreshed: Our fresh approach to shopping is right where you left it

After the wide-spread devastation that took place in July, Springfield Retail Centre is still open and right where you left it.


Starting on Monday, 12th July 2021, looters made their way into our centre and ransacked all our stores. The mayhem culminated in an eventual arson attack, with fires started at Mambo’s and burning along the line of stores next to it, including our electrical room.  The centre was fortunate that only one wing of the centre had structural damage, to which this area has been cordoned off and is not affecting trade within the rest of the centre.


While we suffered some damage along the way, we have been hard at work rebuilding, restoring and refreshing our centre and the following stores have already reopened to our shoppers on the 24th of July:

All stores that are not currently open are working on completing their restorations and restocking of their stores with a plan to open as soon as possible.


“We would like to say thank you to the community for coming out to help our resilient tenants to restore our centre to its former glory.  We welcome you back to our unique open-air centre, we might be a little battered and bruised, but our fresh approach to shopping is right where you left it.” Mariam Omarjee, Broll Management


Stay posted to our social media pages for more information on our recent developments, and to enjoy the excitement showcasing our stores so we can give you the unique and diverse shopping experience you have come to know and love.